COVID19 Makes The Remote Workforce More Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

COVID19 has affected every business across the globe. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the unemployment rate rose to 14.7 percent in April 2020. Find the report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics here.

The rise in unemployment is primarily due to many industries having to cease operations altogether. However, some were a bit luckier. Able businesses shifted to an entirely remote workforce. This transition happened very quickly and disrupted many standard business procedures. The intentional shift to a remote workforce was temporary and not expected to last long. However, we may see a remote workforce become the new normal.

Working remote was an option long before the emergence of COVID19. As a result of improved technology, the mobility of the workforce has increased. With the majority of businesses now having to follow suit due to COVID19, the question arises- Is a remote workforce a security threat to business? The short answer is, it does not have to be. 

Easy Targets

Remote workers are a natural access point for potential attackers. Many remote workers work on multiple devices. The numerous devices used could be a combination of company-provided devices and also personal ones. Shared devices usually consist of weak networks and insecure passwords. Many do not even employ a basic VPN, in turn leaving their whole system vulnerable. Therefore, their devices are not as secure as devices found in corporate offices.

Increased Risks Due to COVID19

In today’s world, the threat landscape is becoming more deceptive. In 2019 alone, there were over 9.9 billion malware attacks. Here are some other risks to be concerned about:

  • Phishing
  • Social Engineering
  • Ransomware
  • Zero-Day Attack

During a major crisis, the amount of cyber-attacks generally surges. Consequently, that is what is happening during COVID19. The attacks taken advantage of in times like these are usually social engineering and phishing. For instance, attackers will send emails with COVID19 headlines or offering “free” services that one may need in a time like this. People often fall for these deceptive headlines and become victims of a cyber attack. It is essential to educate the workforce on how to recognize these attack attempts.

Take Advantage of Cybersecurity

Giving workers the necessary access to security and operational tools will ensure that all proprietary information is secured. Using a secure gateway is an efficient way to protect all correspondence between workers, whether it is voice or web-based. 

Download our PDF for more information on secure gateways and what they can do for your workforce.

Remote employees make up the most significant percentage of the workforce today. As a result, the way the world conducts its business is about to see a paradigm shift. Companies cannot expect the remote workforce to bear the entire weight of ensuring the security of their networks. In conclusion, it is a business’s responsibility to protect its more susceptible employees. In doing so, the company itself becomes more secure.

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