Managed Services

Strategic IT Partnership

As technology becomes deeply integrated into every layer of business, organizations face several challenges. For example, organizations are challenged with bringing together the resources required to manage both complex IT systems and end-user needs. Beyond that, they must ask themselves: Is IT supporting growth goals? Is technological obsolescence making it more difficult to achieve those goals? Where can cost efficiencies be found?
In general, outsourcing managed IT services enables functions to be performed more efficiently and more cost-effectively than resources found in-house.​

Managed Service Desk

Your business can’t function without your critical IT systems. Therefore, get the consistent and reliable support your business needs with CREG’s 24-hour support desk. Prevent costly downtime with 24x7x365 IT support coverage, access a wide array of proven experts, and let CREG give you peace of mind while your internal IT team focuses on driving strategy and innovation.

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A Team of Specialists

CREG’s Managed IT Services team consists of specialists in cloud/on-site/hybrid environments, data analytics, application development, security, user-enablement, and more. They work to understand business goals and then develop tech-enabled strategies to meet them. We minimize disruption to business operations and end-user processes and strive to future-proof IT services. As a result, they help to both mitigate risk and optimize efficiency, agility, productivity, and security.

Managed Cloud

CREG has decades of experience delivering end-to-end solutions. We manage the full lifecycle of the cloud journey from the initial planning and design to migration and launch. Additionally, we provide ongoing cloud management services to help leverage the speed, scalability, and economic value of the cloud.

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Managed Security Services

For organizations in both the public and private sectors, cybersecurity is more important than ever before. Many companies choose to invest in outsourcing their required information security services to a highly qualified Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP). After all, they offer a high level of security, substantial cost savings, and the freedom to concentrate on growing their business.

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Managed Data Protection

CREG’s Data Protection Managed Services offers a one-stop, cost-effective solution for global data protection.

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