We at CREG Systems believe that cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. That means that we all play a part in keeping our networks safe. After all, we believe that organizations and their leaders, each user and also the security solutions providers all work together to manage your cybersecurity.

CREG Systems seeks to educate all of our customers about the importance of cybersecurity. From installing firewalls and implementing multi-level authentication to providing you with the necessary information and updates on our blog – we are here every step of the way to help protect your data.

Mitigate the Risk of a Cyber Attack

CREG Systems solutions ensure that the data you share and store is secure and protected, which guarantees streamlined operation and credibility of your business. Not to mention, you will maximize efficiency while minimizing threats from the Internet. Certified and highly-trained staff will meet your needs and plan a security system roll-out strategy that suits your business goals.

Hardware & Software

Mitigate the risk of a cyber attack by protecting your data with the most up-to-date security software and hardware. For example, make sure you are secured through NEXTGEN firewalls, use sandboxing for extra protection, and insure you’ve got protection at gate and edge router level. Ask us about our network security services to learn more.

Also, malfunctioning, unpatched or outdated hardware can greatly weaken your level of cybersecurity. Most importantly, get your hardware regularly assessed and updated. In addition, check for any vulnerabilities that may allow malware to seep through into your network. To do that, we at CREG Systems provide assessments to help you keep your hardware in top shape.

Multi-level Protection

From desktop level to firewall level, each device in your organization should have segmented and multi-layered protection. That will insure that malware or a data breach can be stopped before they threaten your important information. Email us, and we will help you minimize the risk by combining software and hardware protection tools, elements of AI and machine learning. Learn more about steps to prevent a malware attack in our ransomware guide.

Insider Threats

Even though many organizations already have multi-layer security systems and data protection in place, there is still another risk to consider: people. For example, users, and especially ex-employees, can become a major threat to your cybersecurity. Always remove your ex-employee’s access and data as soon as they leave the organization. It’s also important to restrict access when necessary, teach employees about the importance of security and have regular testing to ensure your data is secure. Learn about other cyber threats here.

Good Cyber Habits

Backup, backup, backup. Never keep your backups online, keep your systems updated, whitelist good apps to keep the bad ones out, limit access privileges, and use two-factor authentication. In short, prevention is better than cure!

CREG Systems seeks to educate its customers about the telecom industry and the services we offer. We do so by giving you tools and information to help you learn more to empower and protect your business. Located in Watertown, NY, we serve our Northern New York customers in many areas of IT and telecommunications, including cybersecurity. Click on “Contact Us” in the menu above to get in touch!