Cloud Services

cloud services and solutions

Cloud services are services that make getting information to users on demand possible. In particular, it increases the efficiency of your employees while being more cost-effective to the bottom line of your IT budget. Having a cloud service provider you can trust is crucial to the success of your cloud initiatives. Given that, we will help you scale your cloud services to meet your needs. We provide a multitude of cloud services from software platforms to server virtualization to a cloud-hosted phone system solution.

Cloud Hosted Business Phone Systems

Mitel is a way to deploy phones and unified communications, allowing for future growth. For instance, your workforce will communicate how they want and where they want. With the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry, Mitel has proven to be easy to use.  Additionally, they provide flexible, reliable and the highest value in Cloud Hosted Business Phone Systems.

Easy/highest quality of service – Focus more on your strategic initiatives and let us help you manage your phone system. Specifically, you choose between public and private cloud for connectivity.

Communications – Integration of your phone and your other systems, you will maximize the potential of your investment. Also, as a true unified communications system, Mitel will align your phone service and data in real time.

Flexibility/Reliability – Ideal for multi-site and remote workers. Designed for the most reliability, all employees immediately become part of the unified communications system. Allowing workers to manage their settings to work most efficiently for them.

Highest value in the industry – Designed to accommodate multi function systems, we are able to administer moves, ads and changes easily, end-user removal for voice mail, and settings control.