Dialing Changes

*You Must Dial All 10 Digits*

There is a new 680 area code being introduced that will overlay the 315 area code requiring users to include the area code when dialing phone numbers within the 315 and 680 area code.

How does this impact you?

February 11, 2017: Starting on February 11th you must dial the area code followed by the 7 digit phone number for all calls within the 315 and 680 area codes.  If you find the 10-digit dialing is not working you will need to dial 1, then the area code, followed by the 7 digit telephone number for all calls within the 315 and 680 area codes. Your carrier may require the 11 digits. Long distance dialing still requires 11-digit dialing as usual.

March 11, 2017: The new 680 area code goes into service. The new area code will be assigned to new numbers only.

How to Prepare:

Reprogram any automatic dialing equipment you have that dials numbers in the 315 area code. This includes:

  • Fire & Security Systems
    (This change does not affect CREG Systems/Security Plus customers. Panels are programmed with 800 numbers or 10 digit numbers, initially.)
  • Fax, Credit Card, & Postage Machines
  • Modems
  • Programmed Speed Dials & Contacts in Phone Systems & Cell Phones
  • Call Forwarding Numbers programmed in your phone system to an Answering Service, Cell Phone or Automated Attendant.

Other Information and Frequently Asked Questions:

N11 Services such as 911 will not change.

Dial 911 to reach emergency responders. The same goes for other N11 services such as 411, 211, 511 and 811.

Depend on CREG Systems to help assist with these changes!
Please contact us or  call (315) 788-0000