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Case Study Information

  • Project Name : Cloud Migration and Security Enhancement
  • Category : Cloud Migration, Cybersecurity
  • Client : Potsdam¬†Healthcare
  • Complete Date : 30 August, 2021
  • Skills : Cloud Migration, Cybersecurity, Risk Assessment, Identity Management

Cloud Migration and Cybersecurity for a Healthcare Company

Potsdam Healthcare, a leading healthcare company, wanted to migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud to enhance their agility and scalability. However, they were concerned about the cybersecurity risks associated with the cloud environment. Creg Systems collaborated with Potsdam Healthcare and conducted a thorough risk assessment to identify the potential security risks and designed a comprehensive security strategy. We implemented state-of-the-art identity management and access control solutions, along with regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, to ensure a secure cloud environment. Our solution ensured that the Potsdam Healthcare's sensitive data and patient information were secure and compliant with all industry regulations.